Not Your Grandmother’s B&B

By J.D. Thomason

Breathing new life into The Inn on Trout River was an ambitious project. The 6,500 square foot
property, built in the 1890s, was originally home to a Vermont lumber baron. But like so many
once palatial homes in rural Franklin County, Vermont, it would take more than just money to
restore it to its former Victorian splendor; it required vision.

A century after its construction, the Inn on Trout River had come to look more like a make-shift
mess hall, decorated with second-hand furniture from a Luby’s Cafeteria. But corporate denizen
Nick Barletta and renown photographer and ski-enthusiast, Scott Pasfield, both visionaries in
their own respective fields, discovered Montgomery Center bringing together their combined
talents with perhaps the key missing ingredient needed: love.

Like so many transplants to Montgomery Center, Vermont, Barletta and Pasfield had fallen in
love with the serene landscape and slowed pace of life in northern Vermont. Though not
geographically all that far from the hustle of New York City, the remote ski village tucked away
near the famed ski mountain Jay Peak couldn’t be more different. There, snow capped mountain
ranges replace skyscrapers and groups of deer replace traffic jams. But Montgomery Center has
something more than just peace and quiet; there’s a joie de vivre that sets it apart from other rural

As a compliment to the mystique of the village, Barletta and Pasfield decided to buy, renovate,
and re-open the old baron’s mansion as a bed and breakfast. But as Pasfield says, “We’re not
your grandmother’s B&B.” While still in keeping with the rustic chic of a ski lodge, Barletta and
Pasfield approached redecorating with hopes of capturing that intangible something that makes
Montgomery Center distinct. With a photographer’s eye, Pasfield sought rugged but well-curated
décor. In compliment, the two also approached the restaurant menu with the same spirit of
elegant simplicity believing that one doesn’t have to be in the heart of New York City to enjoy
fine cuisine. The way in which Barletta and Pasfield brought combined style and comfort with an
unrivaled menu in this unique winter wonderland has made The INN much more than the sum of
its parts, receiving rave reviews from both connoisseurs and locals alike.

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