Bernie may not win the primary but could still be president

Even if Bernie doesn't win the primary, he might still become president (of Vermont)

Even if Bernie doesn’t win the primary, he might still become president (of Vermont)

Originally published by the Vermont Independent as “Plan B: Bernie, Meet the 2VR – The Power of a Meme” by Rob Williams.


“I believe that destiny has suggested that this small state of Vermont is, in fact, going to lead America in a very different direction…And the day is going to come when all over America, people are going to say, “Thank You, Vermont.’”

– Bernie Sanders, 2006


Back in early March, in the midst of the U.S. Super Tuesday 2016 presidential brouhaha, I published a playful little meme on my Facebook page. “PLAN B,” declares the meme, against a “Welcome to Vermont – Green Mountain State” sign, green with yellow borders. “WE ALL MOVE TO DECLARE INDEPENDENCE FROM THE USA AND VOTE FOR BERNIE TO BE OUR PRESIDENT.” My accompanying Facebook status update was simple. “Plan B: Who is with me?” I wrote. “Please share – on behalf of the @2nd Vermont Republic,” with a hyperlink to our 2VR Facebook page. Sent to me by a dear friend and neighbor, the “2VR/Bernie” meme, as I dubbed it, might make for a fun little online conversation starter. Or so I thought.

To my astonishment, the meme almost instantaneously blew up on Facebook: more than 600 likes and close to 700 shares in 72 hours, with close to 100 comments from folks from all over, many of them thoughtful, heartfelt, and sometimes, quite funny. “Vermont isn’t big enough for everyone!” one person wrote.  What was going on? (Read More)

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