Rob Williams: Declaring Independence in Bernie’s Vermont

“Most Like to Secede” Rob Williams on Declaring Independence in Bernie Sanders’ Vermont.

Meet Rob Williams, spokesperson for Vermont’s  secessionist movement dedicated to the formation of a new, independent republic in the state that made Bernie Sanders possible. While this may sound like more “politics of the impossible”, Vermont’s secessionists point out that it is not only possible but necessary and with historic precedent as Vermont existed as its own sovereign nation already from 1777-1791.

While many are talking about “Plan B” (moving abroad) in case Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton are elected president, Vermonters are again talking about “Plan V”.

In this short biopic, Williams’ describes the movement’s vision for re-asserting Vermont’s national sovereignty describing how people in the Second Vermont Republic will be harvesting and storing renewable energy, sharing the products of small, sustainable organic farms and drinking the best locally brewed beers – oh, yeah, and the 2nd Vermont Republic will also ban Donald Trump.

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